Friday, 18 March 2016

[ Review ] Shampoo - Kracie Ichikami (with Sakura extract)

Hello everyone~ Erika here <3
Today I wanna give some review about my newest Shampoo, for me this is my first time to try Shampoo with Japan brand
yeah, since I was a child I always used Local brand Shampoo which is very easy to find at nearest drug-store, I don't have favorite shampoo at all, I always using any kind of shampoo who's my mom provides for her family at home.
ya, so this is my first time for using diffrent shampoo of mine

I bought Kracie Ichikami shampoo at AEON Mall BSD City, they had discount for all Kracie Ichikami products, like they conditioner, shampoo, hair treatment, etc
it was an awensome deals <3
(i will tell you the price at last of this post)

Ichikami herbal shampoo produces a fine lather to gently cleanse hair without damaging caused by excessive friction. I have damage hair, my hair is super dry~ so since I was read which Ichikami have formula for help to protect and prevent damage hair  I was tempted and immediately bought it XD.
The formula have a natural oil to smooth hair while protecting it from damage caused~

What I love from this product is the Cherry blossom aroma
it's very nice and also make my hair really, really smell good <3

Don't worry if you can't read Japanese, because Ichikami also have English + Bahasa usage instructions and ingredients
oh, have I tell you??
this products are made in Japan <3

Pump bottle <3
for my hair, I usually push the pump twice, because one push don't enough for covered all my long risk and dry hair (LOL)
but I think if you have short hair, one push is enough ^^
netto for 550ml

and.. taarrraa this is the Ichikami shampoo
it's quite have thick textures, and for me they don't have many foam after blend it with water~
and ones again I say, the aroma is really really nice, you must try it <3
oh, and it have semi creme color , almost soft pink.

For the price you may getting curious.....
at store you can get Ichikami for around 75.000 rupiah/bottle (550ml)
lucky me, XD
 I only pay for around 35.000 rupiah/bottle (550ml)
that was super saving my money right?
you can get this products at AEON Mall, there selling (almost complete)Ichikami products.

I am (very) recommended for you try this Ichikami <3

> it have super nice Cherry blossom aroma
> worth it price with the quality
> have cute packaging

> lack of foam

for the result I am quite love using this product <3 at my hair,
 from day a day getting soft and less hair lost,
 I may re-purchase this product,
and also try another Ichikami hair treatment series hehe...

okay, that's enough thank you so much for reading my post,
I'll see you again on my next post
bay, bay

mata nee~

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