Friday, 1 January 2016

[ Review ] BB cream (Bright Fix) - pixy

Hello everyone~ erika here >u<
First i wanna say (again) "Happy New Year 2016" for those people around the world <3 <3
i'm believe this year will happend something Wonderful things
i was read someone blog and she said if you thingking and always do something with happy feeling, then the Joy, Blessing and Happy life will come to your life <3
just believe it ~

ok, today i want to make a review about bb cream what i use now.
Some about you may know that i have SUPER SUPER  sensitive skin specially on my face..
i can't use any make up and skin care for my skin face randomly TT u TT
even korean brand, who's all people know as the best cosmetics and skin care's can't I use it before do something test on my hand~

i'm not makeup enthusiast, but still need makeup for covered my bad look.
after long time searching and trying for BB cream, finnaly i found one BB cream who suits with my bad skin condition~ it is Pixy <3 <3
i have try so many kind BB cream from various brand
but still didn't get BB cream who's friendly with my face
praise the Lord in this new year i found one BB cream from pixy and didn't make my face got teribble~

this is Pixy BB cream - Bright fix
i love the packaging so much <3 <3 its dominated with pink and white colours and as you can see they have pretty flowers pattern too on the box~
and yeah this is travel pack

if you want to know what colour shade of it, you can easily read at top on the box
i have cream shade here~ which is it quite light on my face

in right and left side it written about they ingredients, direction, and caution, and off course the expired date ~

on the back side talks about what is Pixy BBcream
it says clinically tested, non-comedogenic.
cause i read the caption it tested from 'mandom beauty' - Tokyo that's the reason why i want to buy and try this product..... i'm quite believe Japan products

 on my hand~
i think they have thick texture and you must quickly use this product after be taken out
if not it will going dry on your hand

after blend it

i hope you didn't got a heartattack cause of this~
yeah my clean and pretty skin create by beauty plus </3
bare skin TuT

use the Pixy BBcream
without powder

With powder
i think this shade make my face look more bright, but still look normal because i have fair skin.
this is smart-lock powder so without powder still make your face look prettier <3
this is not covered your skin as good as Etude BBcream but overall i like it

on my oily and bad skin it doesn't make my face looking oily and cracker after use this 4-5 hours outside.
i think i love this product and want to try another Pixy product

- nice light shade
- have adorable price around 30.000 - 40.000 rupiah
- have a nice smells
- trevelling pack
- doesn't make your faces oily
- non-comedogenic

- for me hard to find
- have thick texture
- little bit hard to blend it

that enough for today, thankyou for reading my blog see you next time

mata nee~

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