Tuesday, 22 December 2015

[ Review ] Body puree and shower gel - The Body Shop

Hello everyone~ Erika here
maybe all of you already know last days (18 of December) was my Birthday <3 <3
 i apreciate for all Birthday wishes and gifts didn't  expect anymore but Thankyou soo much~ #warmhug

one from my birthday gifts its this product.
i didn't known well about this brand (Only know this is from korea XD)
but my sister said it is such a nice product <3 <3

hope you enjoy reading this post....
Enjoy >u<

"Feel so Good" yeah this is one word what i feel after use this product~
it containts one bottle of Body puree,
one bottle of Shower gel
and one puffy sponge for shower ( i don't know what name it)

for the Packaging it looks really cute <3
it have two stars pattern on left and right side of this box
oh, because i got Strawberry flavor, this box covered with pretty red colors
so far i like it so much 

pretty star pattern  <3

the First stuff is The Body Shop Shower gel
Choose Strawberry for the flavor is a good way #thumbsup
it have amazing sweet Strawberry smells
and extermly refreshing <3 <3
for the packaging it looks lovely with big TBS LOGO and Delicious #eh red gel
that gel remind me about my Strawberry jam on refrigerator XDD

from front side written it have 60 ml of the gel,
and the back side only written how to use and the benevit,
it says: " gel body wash with sweets Strawberry flavor for help clean up and also keep your skin moisture "
shock moment in fact this product  MADE IN THAILAND
...... okay

taraa special for this post i posted too the price #applause
for 60ml gel shower you must pay Rp.59.000,- or $4,6
it a little bit expensive since it really small,
but you will forget it and think is quietly worth it
if you already use and smells the flavor ^^

front of the lid have The Body Shop pattern
looks so nice 

this is after you open the lid
ya this BIG hole really helpful for making out the gel
please ignore my bad nail polish too much lazy for clean that

Second stuff is The Body Shop Body puree it similiar with Body lotion
 no it is a Body lotion too
this Body puree also have 60 ml
and design of this product looks similiar too with the Body gel

soo priceyy
for get this Body puree you must pay Rp. 79.000,- or $6,1
why it turn so pricey ?? in my opinion doesn't because the puree
 but because of small contains make this look so pricey O<-------<

spread on my hand,
when i use the Body puree i feel like candy
and afraid if ants will come and get together at my body wkwk
it have wonderful sweets Strawberry flavor <3

Last but not the Least here pretty red sponge body shower,
i think this is not sponge but i really didn't know name of this ^ how spell this stuff in English??
in Indonesia it call kawat pembersih or kawat mandi?
haha if anyone know about this ^ name please tell me on the comment box >///<

>  have super nice Strawberry flavor
> have nice texture
> quicky absorbed
> long lasting flavor
> travelling friendly

> Pricey with small contents

ok its over.....
 for get this product you can visit their website Here and i hope you are enjoying reading all my post~ thankyou so much for being a great readers #Love Love <3
if you have something to says to me or you're blogger too??
 let me know you!!
 please leave a comment on the comment box your comments or your blog link
if it possible i will reply <3 <3

once again thank you so much for reading this post and..

May God keep blessing your life and Your family <3

Mata nee~

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