Friday, 9 October 2015

[ Review ] Hand and Body lotion - bali ratih

hello everyone~ erika here..
today i wanna post about my new hand and body lotion~ the brand called "bali ratih".
who's already know about this product??
bali ratih is a brand from Bali - Indonesia and now their products are become popular in my collage
one day, one of my classmate offering her products to us and to me, its my first time to see and try it.
the products have three kind of type:
1. Bodymist
2. Bodybutter
3. Hand and Body lotion

surprisly it has so many flavor, for me its really interesting. they have cherry flavor, chocolate flavor, green tea flavor, avocado flavor, almont nuts flavor, etc.
my favorite is Mango and Strawberry

do you know? when i smelly this product, i think i wanna eat it
sooo smells good <3 <3

since it have so many flavor you will confused too choose your favorite and wanna buy all of them <3 haha.. 

here my strawberry hand and body lotion
i have decided too buy their hand and body lotion,
for me i need some lotion for nutrition my skin and have fruity smells,
 now i got it

expired date on the bottle

i bougth them in a small size
 110 ml

how to use,
 i dont have idea why it written in Japanese too?
i think in Bali so many Japanese people who's love their products, but cannot read them..
its only my opinion >u<

squash bottle~ only put it down to use the hand and body lotion

this is my sister Mango flavor
i was bought my strawberry hand and body lotion because of an accident (haha), 
but not for my sister
she bought it because she loves the smell, and me too

nearer my thumb is Mango and at left is Strawberry
acctually i need lotion who can give me whitener,
since i always use motocyle to go to campus everyday
i'm worry about my skin. how if my skin become darker? or dry? i'm really worry about it.
and.. when i read the ingrediens in bali ratih its written have UV white + Vit E
it make my worry little bit disappear~ i will keep trying and waiting the result for my skin <3

every times after use bali ratih hand and body lotion, my skin change become softer <3
and once again i said i really love, falling in love with the smells

every each flavor has benevit and usability
for example coffee flavor have benevit to remove the scar,
and milk flavor have benevit to make the skin more supple and healthy.
so, find your needed it will help you ^^

- have affdorable price only 35.000 rupiah/each
- smells soooo good
- very soft
- absorbs quikly
- long lasting smells

- i don't know how to buy this product? maybe so many online shop sells it but i don't have list of trusted online shop
if you interest to buy  you can add my Line: "Erikappon"
and i'll give you my friends contact to order this ^^

its all about bali ratih product, maybe next time i'll buy their body mist and body butter too~
or anyone already have it? can you tell me and give your opinion on comment box, or visit my social media like twitterr or facebook and instagram~  find me ----------->

thankyou for reading my post,
see you next post
mata nee~

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