Tuesday, 28 July 2015

[ Review ] CircleLens - BebexKittyKawaii

Hello~ Erika here >u< today i wanna make this post with english language hehe
since my english not really good ,i hope you guys can forgive me TT v TT #teary
so, a few days ago i just won a giveaway from HelloHerlens
you can check my latest post about helloherlens and her product "Here" 
okay so, check this out ....

the item what i won is " BEBExKittyKawaii" from Korea
specification :
dia : 14,5 (normal size)
Water content : 62 %
life time : 1 month
for this product its only have two colors grey, and brown
i choose grey color because i have three circlelens with brown color =3=)

the packaging is really cute and pretty~ at the box also written this circlelens have premium quality
- more comfortable
- light weight

 hmm... its true? ? please continue >u<

full or thailand language, imported from korea but distribution from thailand.

 Jyaaan~ after this box opened by me
not only the box, the bottle also have cute pattern and full of pink color (and neko too)
its so cute~

 at description paper, you can get this circle lens until -6.00
i dont have eye problem so i order this circle lens without any minus.

 i think i had a heart attack #lebay haha
because the case full of cutest things too~ you can see the pattern with blue and green colors ^^

 cutest packaging

details of the pattern

 when i use this without any touchup #read.makeup

 because this circlelens only have 14,5 dia. 
it cannot give me larger eye effect

 too much lazy to put any powder or eyeliner. so this is me with the circlelens plus my bare face >u<
only ignore it

 after i'm thinking... long time for thingking
i decided to put makeup and see the diffrent

 my eye still small, but i like the color and pattern

i not recommend to use it for cosplaying.
but its looking good for daily use >u<

pros :
>nice pattern and color

> small dia 14.5 cannot gimme larger effect

thankyou for reading until end, i hope this post very helpful for all my readers.
so see you soon at my another post~ don't forget to leave a comment and follow this ordinary blog, hehe
see you next time~ mata nee~

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