Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Cosplayer zone | HooYa

Hello everyone~ Erika here>u<
today, i will make some post about my Favo korean Cosplayer named HooYa~
because iam a female cosplayer, most cosplayers i like also is a woman ^^

i known her on twitter before she become popular like this>u<
she is really nice people, every i mention her on twitter she always answer me fast, but like me her english not too good, so if you want to chat with her please use hangul (korea language)

Nickname : HooYa
Country : South korea
Birthday : 01/26

she have cosplay team , named "cosholic"
i really like her cosplay because she is really cute and kind >//<
she also make her own costume <3

recently she always cosplay together with her friends ari ^^

 hooya also have a cat , named jihoo

 newest Hooya cosplay as Hestia >///< really cute arggh~

 Meiko Honma
CN. HooYa

 i have asked her before, i know her real name
"Eun Ji" but i didn't known her family name >u<

when HooYa at japan she have photosession as Tamako kitashirakawa from Tamako market~

Links :
Cosholic blog
Facebook page
Email :

FYI i making this blog with twice language , bahasa and English.maybe i decide to making this blog with bahasa language more than english. hehe

thankyouu for reading~ mata nee~

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