Sunday, 24 May 2015

Cosplayer zone | AZA Miyuko

Hello everyone >u< Erika here !
Welcome at Cosplayer Zone world fufufu~ today i will making post about georgeous Cosplayer from ''Gingseng" Country her name is quitewell known in Indonesia.
this pretty girl is often become a Guest Cosplayer for Cosplay event almost in many country~ ex. Indonesia, malaysia, Singapore, Thainlang, Japan and many more..
yes, her name is AZA Miyuko from South korea~
Ok here we go!!

Name : Kang Yun Jin
Country : South Korea
Age : 23 ( korean year calendar )
Birthday : April, 16 1992
Favorite animal : Penguin

Aza, famously known as a former member of korean cosplay group Spiral Cats ( SPCats ) cosplaying as Umi sonoda from Love live!
For Aza the most important when cosplaying is Wig
Her favorite animal is penguin

 AZA Studying as Fashion Designer, While she also likes anime. finnaly she have decided to pluge into the world of cosplay and make their own costumes.

when she was travelling as Cosplayer guest she sell too her photobook,
 and now it  have until 11 volumes <3

 Too much cute AZA as Kuroneko <3 #melting

facebook account
personal facebook page
Naver blog site
Cure : 244247

Its enough for today~ i stolen this pict from Google >u< for AZA fans i really waiting her to comeback again to Indonesia <3 <3
Saranghae AZA

Mata nee~

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