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Cosplayer zone | MON SHIE

Hello ,
ah,  its too late huh too say Happy new year? i guess better late than never >u<
so, Happy new year 2015
i will start to actively post in this blog, about Cosplay, Japan, and my daily life~ ist ok?
hehe, soo today i'll post about Cosplay , i think cosplay already known by the people of Indonesian
what is that Cosplay ? yaa you can check at here
because i dont want make post about Cosplay, but i want to make some article about the Cosplayer
soo please chech and hope you will love it >u<


who's MON SHIE? she is currently Most famous cosplayer in the world of cosplay. she have a very pretty face like a Doll , girl from Taiwan also create her own cosplay outfit.
now she is often become a guest cosplayer around the Japan event in Asia, ex, Anime Festival Asia, Comic Fiesta, etc.

Nickname : Mon
Country : Taiwan, Taipei
Height : 160,5 cm
Weight : 43 kg (my dream H/W >3<)
Birthday : 01/21
Zodiak : Capicorn
Favorite Colour : Pink

♥♥ meaning of life and cherish the people along,
 looking for the good things, the daily delusions, lazy roll to (?)
Preferences ♥ Cosplay, 
sweet taste,
 small pets
sick Johnson,
 female to female + B to GAME,
SuG (Takeru), 
American Girl (years),
 bone sense,
straightforward matter,
gold sparkle

With KING, her cosplay parner

as Nico yazawa mugyutto ver. from LoveLive

Superstar Guest when AFAID 2014

Links :

Guest event :

>> Guest Cosplayer
 Comic fiesta ( Kuala lumpur)
The wall live house ( Taiwan )
Anime festival asia ( Singapore )
Comic party 85 ( Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Anime festival asia ( Indonesia )
Comic party ( Bangkok, Thailand )
Comic fiesta mini ( Malaysia )
Cosmo youth parade ( Singapore )

>> Model
NOW jill puk - toko raket
FREE biker vol.18 - magazine model
YEN TWU AMULET - model raket
dan chi mode - model gaya rmbut model set
FREE biker vol. 23 - magazine model

JX three taipei bahamut kanban musume coser
JX three kaoshiung kanban musume coser
JX three taipei will meet kanban musume coser
animated cartoon fair  Kland  kanban musume coser
pioneering animation ( FF 24 )
cosplay field RPG exchange kanban musume propaganda coser
daren girls cosplay interview ( cosplay club 2014 chihlee institute of technology lecturer lesson )
tapiei internasional animation festival " Attack on Titan "
russel ( araki ) personal photography exibition
savage photobook - fantasies horizon
apple daily - pretty girl hat
apple daily - jill punk shop model
taipei university of technology cosplay interview
day shophisticated photographic equiptment exibition manager
adidas show girl
world advanced show girl

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