Wednesday, 27 August 2014

AFAID 2014

Hi~ i'm sorry for lacking of update, i can see how many spider here TT v TT
yaaay finnaly i'll post my experience about Anime Festival Asia Jakarta 2014
this year i'm working at Culture Japan Booth.
so many people ask me how to join CJ booth~ i think i was a lucky girl because last year when AFAID 13, i was cosplaying as kanata hoshikawa from Culture Japan. and when i met Danny, i give my coscard to him. after that this year Danny mentioned me and ask me to working with him <3
and, i think coscard its very important for cosplayer hehe~
and thankyou for remember me Danny-san.

ya, its Danny choo booth, next time i'll make some post about Culture Japan and the maskot super kawaii Mirai suenaga <3

ok, please read carefully and enjoyed ^^


yaa entered AFA Cafe~ at this pic its eriva and tenshi ( cospaly name^^)
 hohoho all maids and butlers are really good looking
a, btw my favo butler is takuya wofl boy~
 i often saw him walking in front our booth,
 but i'm really shy to say hello to him,
 after all he will not know and care (maybe) :p

 my favo mirai goodie back////
hyaa i did not get one, but fortunately my twin got one goodie bag ^^
and its sold out at Sunday morning, soo sorry for all customer dont get this bag

when setting up all of the floor is covered by a plastic
and this is all my crew bag^^

not Ready anymore~

 crew ^^ cheat chat~
can you spotted me? with fresh helmed hair cut >u<

 at rest and eat Omiyage brought by Jay and Danny from Japan.

 when Lunch~

 yaa its ok if you want to ignore~ haha
its my selca with my twinie <3
selca time :9

while the beautiful dolls dressed up
w/ Doffie master Ikemen Yohei-san and Childlover Zhao ^^


 day 1 i cosplay as Haruka suenaga
feel so sorry i know haruka-chan have 145 cm,
 but i'am 165cm/Hiks but still do the best cosplaying as Haruka ,
cause she is one of my favo character (off course laa)
and, my twinie Nonoka chan as Kanata

 que que here~
photo by. rey

Another my Haruka cosplay

 w/ My father danny san~ <3
and this is my favo picture >u<

kyoot mirai suimsuittt
ah, this pic i take when setting up

 i want to be served by you ~

#nosebleed booth
love the kuroshitsuji poster <3

 my Lovely~

our booth appearance <3

yeeey and day 1 its over <3 <3
Dinner together and narsis Together/ lol

DAY. 2

 w/ Smart Doll
it was Sold out at day 1
and the next day there are many buyers who ask where if they want to buy a smart doll
only visit Here
or you can buy at Comic fiesta and AFASG,
 please remember~ its limited

 acctualy day 2-3 i dont cosplay, but i'm working ^^
using my favo T-shirt Mirai Tora

 dat oppai~

spotted guest star banner~


Jay~ its scary

This photo took after dinner together at Bumbu Tjobek
i love bumbu tjobek Lemon tea~
soo much <3

 we are crimson CJ team

having selca w/ eriva n rey >u<

it all started from danny~

Dinner at Bumbu tjobek f(x)

<3 lemon tea the best <3

DAY. 3
last day of AFAID14 and not talk too much kindly enjoy this post ~

 devotee mirai-chan~

 selca w/ My lovely Jay <3 and eriva too

 Linus make this look cool~


 I want kidnap this soo muchh //////

 this is too //////

 sailor moon <3

 spotted danny w/ kawaiii MON and Super lovely Angie <3
 i want take poto together too TTxTT

 super kawaiii cici Pinky

KING OMG /////// soo handsomee

 My Culture japan haul~


 w/ genius with 5 languages Rey ^^

 W/ superr funny boy Donni
he have twin brother too ^^

 w/ lovelive manic/ opps WAW ^^
please dont skip in the future~

 w/ senpai who take care us sam ^^

 w/ childish lover zhao
sorry for my bad english~ hehe

 w/ our design grafis reiji ^^
congrast for your grad this year

 w/ my twinie eriva chan
please dont become cuter than mee~

 w/ Linus who's inviting me and really take care of me,
i swear next year i can speak english better TT v TT

w/ my lovely laozhi <3
aaa in the future please teach me chinese language laoshii >u<

we have 10 crew this pict minus Our ikemen yohei-san 
because too much shy to make a selca together 
minus jay, and Danny too
this team really amazing and I feelt lucky to be able to join and become a member along with you

AFAID14 its over and see you next year

© 苺おの日
Maira Gall