Wednesday, 27 August 2014

AFAID 2014

Hi~ i'm sorry for lacking of update, i can see how many spider here TT v TT
yaaay finnaly i'll post my experience about Anime Festival Asia Jakarta 2014
this year i'm working at Culture Japan Booth.
so many people ask me how to join CJ booth~ i think i was a lucky girl because last year when AFAID 13, i was cosplaying as kanata hoshikawa from Culture Japan. and when i met Danny, i give my coscard to him. after that this year Danny mentioned me and ask me to working with him <3
and, i think coscard its very important for cosplayer hehe~
and thankyou for remember me Danny-san.

ya, its Danny choo booth, next time i'll make some post about Culture Japan and the maskot super kawaii Mirai suenaga <3

ok, please read carefully and enjoyed ^^


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