Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Meet and Greet With Ying Tze (Japan Matsuri)

hello all
This time I wanted to post my activities on 26 October 2013
I attended a cosplay event in Pluit area
Japan Matsuri

not just ordinary Japanese event, which this time there are special meet and greet event with the gorgeous and charismatic cosplayer Tze Ying from Malaysia and Pro gorgeous and sexy cosplayers from Indonesia Pinky Lu Xun they both really sparkled in my eyes.

well of the lingering please read it again, do not forget to leave a comment ya ~

This is all cosplayer who selected by Ying Tze and Pinky LuXun,,
me at there,, 

Do you know me cosplaying as who?? heheh
yes this is Misaki mei and Izumi akazawa From ANOTHER

Amazing pict capture by Husky Photography

me pose on stage with midori and Junko

tralalalal,, with Dolly girls

After Lunch~ Narsis dikit,, hehe

Selca with Harashi goto,,
 hohoho he has a lot to give me a camera lending services
 in any event, thank ya friend. >u</

My Loli2 Misaki <3

 behind this door, there Tze Ying and Pinky Lu Xun ayy,, my Kokoroo~

With Junko Enoshimaa~

Eren yeager

this is the current atmosphere in japan Matsuri event
very crowded

Capture it from my camera,,, ah,, I mean, Harashi camera

Otsukaresamadeshitaa~ timee~

Can you see?? its YING TZE,, And PINKY owowowowo

On stage~

The finalist

Dolly 1 Yuki

Dolly 2 Tenshi

Dolly 3 Aki

Dolly 4 Kana <3 <3

let see i will continued this story to next hehe~
Ying Tze is my favorite cosplayer , she's really inspired me
she so talented, all her costume her make by self, soo pretty
and really kind #>u<#
goo check her blog here >> http://ying-tze.blogspot.com/
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