Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Amazing AFAID 13

already 2 weeks this event was held, but I just Post now, haha
am I too late? I hope you guys still want to read it ^ ^
and...I will begin my story and my journey about AFA ID 13

The story begin on September 7, in the morning
I woke up from 5 am, you know?because my home is very far far away from the venue TT v TT, especially because I use public transportation so.... it will take more longer journey.
I think you will get bored reading my story, I'm just going to post all the great  cosplayer who  I met at the event 


I'm not working at the Booth Danny, after waiting him at he's booth finnaly i can meet him <3
maybe he was happy there were cosplay as Kanata and haruka on afaid event.
and I think I was very lucky can take pic together with him.
 fell so happy and dokidoki <3 and i got he sign too

Me as kanata Hoshikawa with Mr.Donald 
this doll from my friend~ Omiage From japan >///////<
(Thankyouu kenta~)
i really love it,, and now this doll become my favorite doll.

Another Mirai Millenium Team photo >////< ayyyyy so embracced~

Gun pose~ with my lovely partner Vivi as Haruka <3

' D ' sign,, can you see it?

Here's So many Coscard i got from AFAID >u<
thankyou all,,, youre sooo sasugaaa~
and soo lucky i got Coscard from 3 Cosplayer guest at AFAID
YingTze, Reika, and Angie~
 its become my treasuree~ #fly

AFA CAFE menu~
i forget to capture hamburger when, i order in there~ TT x TT
soo Pricey,, but i'm feels soo happy~
can see my favorite butler ,, soo near from mee >/////<

Love live~
"Start Dashhh~"

 Reikaaaaa~ Sorry for creaapyy pic~

can you see? the green hair one is Pinky luxsun from indonesia, kaname as eren,
Reika as Rivai,
and richfield from Indonesia~ <3
angie as sasha,
and ying tze as saber >u<

with danny choo <3 love his charming face,,
and my face become pika pika <3~
#read sumringah

and,,,,, my favorite butler~ Kaedeeeeeee~ <3 <3
hope next year i can attend AFA CAFE,,
i want kaede chan served me TT u TT
yesterday,, Yuki served me,,
i want Butlerr please ,, not maid,,,, #think

 so awensomeeee robot from singaporee
cliveee <3
ayy feeelingg so happy

erika as kanata too~ but this day my mirai team and I ,, be Invited by Danny choo's staff
to join on Danny choo's stage at AFA ID 13
sooooooooooooooo dokiiii dokiii ~

 Fugu fugu timeee~

ayyy~ with kawaiii Silicaaa~
she's famous cosplayer too at Indonesia
all her Cosplay makes me more and more proud of her. <3

  Best Lolita player~
Yukari channn <3
she have blog too~ all about Lolita~
make me meltedd when i was read it~

 Smile preCuree~
ayy,, see her smile make me jelousss~
she sooo cuteeee~

  Date a Live~
I'm sorry, I still do not follow the anime date a live
 so I still do not know what the name of this character ~
I'm sorry

  Myir~ Hope Titan not here too~ #Rolling

yeeey~ salmon~

 Eren Yeeger~ hohoho~
Handsomee * u *

 With actress~ hyaaa~ angelina chann <3 <3
soo good at singing~

PHIN ~ do you know her?
 she had been invited on the show cosplay event in Thailand ~
I hope she still remember me.
haha because it's time I give to her my coscard.

little ad

  Haruhi cyannnn~
Super driverr >u<

  with kawaii yuune chan 
she has knit clothing stores online, and her shop has very, very good quality
I suggest if you want to buy a knit shirt, please go at her store.
please visit their online stores Yuune knitting corner> u <
#Indonesian only

 SnK Greetings

Okay enough of my journey at the biggest event in Indonesia ~
do not forget to leave comments and subscibe my blog
bye >u</

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