Friday, 30 August 2013

recommend beauty blog

every woman wants to look beautiful wherever they go.
but not every woman can also apply make-up properly, and seemed to look natural
I was so, so I'm always looking for websites that menurud my makeup tools makeup tutorial and its very nice and easy to imitate.

and this is a beauty blog from my recommendation, which I think will help you in finding a little makeup tutorial right. 

at this you can get all use a good makeup tools, and a recommendation of a good makeup brand
This girl is also a cosplayer, she also belongs to the category of cosplayers who worshiped by many people. haha
I was lucky to be her friend.

Here's Matcha mei ~ she is making on the beauty blog

this one is a girl who is famous for her makeup gyaru and lolita makeup also very impressive.
if you look at her website and opens,  you will be fascinated with the variety of choices, makeup tutorial, tool that's recommended.
very useful at all ~
Do not forget to see ya

Here the best Gyaru makeup Inspiration ...
kawaii Stella Neechan.
did you guys know that this girl is very well known out there.
stella often invited to the event themed makeup, or even launching a product which is well-known makeup company.
stella recently became MC at the biggest event in jakarta japan AFA ID.
she is very pretty as a guest star. unfortunately I was not able to take pictures with her, because in there is very difficult to take pictures with Guest star, unless you have a friend as staff. < haha

all of them,, from indonesiaa~
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