Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hobby festival 2013

yesterday on  Sunday 05/2013,
i was attend Japanese event in Indonesia.

Hobby festival, or commonly called Hobby fest XDD.
 the largest annual event held by the largest Indonesian Cosplay community.

  i was cosplaying as random maid LOL, and this is my second time from cosplaying.
i didn't use any contact lens, and less makeup. its so ambrassed >/////<
 I also join the competition at Hobby fest
where the title is  "Maid and Butler contest".

The event rulers are:
we can show our skills on stage, of course, that moe moe ya ~ hehe
like dancing, singing, magic, games, lipsyn, etc.

yesterday i dance ~ Platinum disco, from nisemonogatari
i like this anime soo much.

 when performers XDD

 my face is very strange, and at that time I felt very tired.
ah,, i got " Runner up " Place XDD

 all participants, <3
and, i have funny story,
some people ask me, they said i was look like trap O_o Omg,
and yeah.. when i look up my cosplay, its look like man instead a girl TT_TT
scary. LOL
but, its okay, i fell really happy, and this is will cheer me to improve my cosplay make up >U< Thankyou all~ haha

 me with Mikuru chan <3

 Rikka takanashi and pink meido XD

 senaa <3

  yuri chann <3

 with the Winner butler XDD..

dekomori sanaee XDD <3 <3

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