Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pre CLAS:H 2013

I really missed this event.
time at this event, I became Rin kagamine Seifuku version,
is there any one of you to see or take pictures with me?

there a lot of super cool cosplay XDD
and this is the report for you


 NEKO from K project <3

Rin kagamine Seifuku ver.

 Eru konomi as Hatsune Miku

 Morgiana from MAGI

 me With Anna kushina

 Rin , Maid, Akashi (fem), Nako shimizu

 Rin kagamine.

 with Itachii <3

 Ichigoo as Rin kagaminee <3

 with my futagoo <3

withn Chii-Chobits <3

 K project genkk

 with real japanesse girl.. she cosplay as kyary pamyu pamyu..

sooo cutee.. i want know she name XDD

 with Rikka and Yuuta <3
from chuunibyou <3

 use doraemon door <3

with Aomine <3

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