Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas day as Quayer at church

hello, today I'll post my activities as a Quayer for Christmas at my church.

I really like december,
because the weather gets cold, in the month of december and is also my birthday.

My age now in the month of december 2012 is 16 years old

 (left) my twin sister erivachannn >u<... with(middle) imel and (right) mee 

 erika to eriva dechuuu~
heheheheh~ i photo this at toilet!

 i really love this word..
yeahh~ GOD IS GOOD <3
are you agreee??

 me and imel,,, 
with yellow Quayer dresss~ its soo bigg size for mee

 Can you seee???? the big size??

 a twinnyy sisterr >u<
eriva to erikaa <3

people sayy weee lips like angelina jolie???
hahahahah~ its freakkk.

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