Sunday, 16 December 2012

koshinko cafe leg.1

 hi everyone~ meet me again,
 heheheeh now, i'll post my experience when i go to work at Koshinko cafe. ^^
soo exited work at this cafe
i can meet so many kawaii and kind cosplayer
when work as meido at koshinko cafe 24-25 november..~

and this is my report i hope you will enjoy

up is nanaperi cake <3 our delicious menu
 Yuki no omiage~ oishii kakigorii <3

 this is~ im soo love it ^^
with curry rice <3

 melted curry rice ><

 me between kana chan and aki chan <3
i soo happy working with her~

 me promote 'teh kotak' hehehehe
^^ LOL

 me with Akemi channnn <3
im sooo miss youuu >3<

 nana chan~ kekekeke
'NYAN' pose ^^ ;p

 at supermarket
(left) mikan, ichigoo[me], ran, periri, kana <3

can you read this word we make it???

its read "KOSHINKO" <3
you know?? i really love everythings at koshinko cafe~
hehehehehe~ love you all my meidoo~
and meet me again Koshinko cafe leg .2

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