Monday, 29 October 2012

Moe Moe Kyun Maid cafe at AFASG12

after successfully held in Jakarta on 1 and 2 last november.
now or commonly abbreviated AFA (Anime Festival Asia). return to his home country is singapore, to be held on there.

in Indonesia and in singapore is certainly not the same.
 maid ready to serve the goshujin, ojousama all of course be changed frequently, to avoid boredom, and make moe cafe is unique.

here I will introduce you to the maid who will serve goshujin and ojousama at Singapore

 " CHIZU.. she is a new maid singapore origin. so CUTE is not it? "

 " KIYO... kyaaa MY FAFORITE MAID , that is a very sweet kiyo.  "

 " MIO... she become a princess at MMK SG ^^ princess"

 "MOMO... moe moe meido from jakarta<3,, meet her at AFASG 12 "

 " RINGO... only one kawaii megane girl at MMK ,, and she's  ringgo chann "

 " RISA... new meido from singapore too... maybe she become my faforite too.. love risachann "

 " TORA... torapyonn~ look like moe moe neko everyday >< "

 " tora chan with momo chan at 'CANDY FLOSS' "

" risa chan with ringochan at ' SECRET MONOCLE' "

weellll... new version about MMK followed the next day ^^..

mata nee minna <3

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