Thursday, 6 September 2012

AFAID 2012

AFAID finally ended ~
its so fun >///<  behold there was a lot of cosplayers who's keren2 at AFA haha
and this is my first time for cosplaying.
at the time i felt really happy cause i can take picture ad saw so many cool cosplayer at the venue
so, this is my little piece about AFAID 2012
please enjoy

 look at the Final Fantasy cosplay that be?
cool ^^*

 ika musume at AFA ID

 Moe moe kyun maid cafe at AFAID.. do you like some one??
 i like momochan so much @@*

 me at AFA ID as pinky meido,, very strange is not it?

 with kawaii nako shimizu with short hair... look same??? 2____2

 a Wonderfull AFAID <3 i love AFA~

 arza scarlet~ at AFA ID hountouni sugeii~

Cardcaptor sakura

 sakura at AFAID  wanted to take pictures with her....


 kuroko with kise.. @@


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